Protection of Personal Data Code was announced

"PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA CODE" with number 6698 is published in Official Gazette with number 29677 and at the date of 07 April 2016.

The purpose of the code that enacted at the 24.03.2016 is defined as;

            "Article 1 (1) The purpose of the herein code is; primarily defending the right of privacy and fundamental rights and freedoms of people during the processing of personal data and regulating the procedures and principles which will be conducted by real and legal entities who processes the personal data's."

The scope of the mentioned code is defined as;

            "Article 2 (1) Provisions of the herein code are enforced for the personal data of the real people which is processed and real or legal entities which processes these datas with non-automatic methods providing that being a completely or wholly automatic or part of any recording system"

Mentioned code contains seven main sections as; "(i) Purpose, scope and definitions, (ii) Processing of personal data, (iii) Rights and liabilities, (iv)Registry of application, complaint and data responsibilities, (v) Crimes and guilt, (vi) Institute of protection of personal datas and organization and (vii) miscellaneous provisions" and envisaged principles and provisions for protection of personal data is explained in detail. Main purpose of the code is preventing the possible damages and negative consequences that may arise from the processing and preservation of personal information and data which is commonly discussed in recent.

Enforcement date of the code is regulated as;

"Madde 32 (1) Regarding this Code;

  1. 8th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th articles of herein code will be enforced in six months after publication date.
  2. Rest of the articles will be enforced at the publication date.

We would like submit this substantial legislative regulation for your information.